Find a VortexHealing® certified healing practitioner

            You can choose a country to search for certified VortexHealing® practitioners living there. Or, because VortexHealing® works very well at a distance, you can choose a practitioner from any part of the world. 

            When you access the list of healers in a particular country, it will be accompanied by a chart showing the level of VortexHealing® training each practitioner has taken. (All the practitioners listed have taken at least the LifeForm level of Training.) If someone has had further training, you can see exactly what other trainings he or she has completed by looking at the chart. Each level of training completed will have the code-letter(s) for that training listed next to the practitioner's name, in the column for that training.  AP+ is our highest level of training, followed by AP. MG+, MG, J+, J, and then O. These are the codes for the different levels of training: 

            K = Kundalini clearing; F = Unwinding the Fascia Energy; A = Angelic Heart; G = Genetics; 
            T = Breaking TimeLines; O = Omega; E1 = Earthworks; E2 = Divine Doors; E3 = Rifting Divine Doors & Funnels; J = Jewel;  J+ = Jewel with a more advanced class that became absorbed into the Merlin's Grace class; Q = Quantum Gate and Quantum Jewel; MG = Merlin's Grace and Multi-Dimensional Healing; MG+ = Merlin's Grace with a significant, additional upgrade given in the Awakening the BodyMind class; AP = Universal AP (from Original Veil class); AP+ = Universal AP with a significant additional upgrade given in Awakening to Divinity class.

            Note: the details for what is taught in each training are described in the individual training descriptions, found by clicking the link for Workshops on our home page or clicking  HERE.

            Price of Sessions: each practitioner sets his or her own prices. Prices will tend to vary according to location and according to the level of training of the practitioner.

            Other Services Offered: be aware that many practitioners have also studied other kinds of modalities. If you want to experience VortexHealing® in and of itself, you should ask the practitioner to only use VortexHealing® during the session, at least for the first session.

            Search for a practitioner by selecting a country from the list below.

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